5 essentials for summer entertaining

5 Essentials for Summer Entertaining


No matter the occasion, summer is the best time to entertain. From informal bbq’s to formal dinner parties and everything in between, entertaining at home during the summer can be a beautiful and affordable affair. The abundance of fresh seasonal produce and florals available during the summer months paired with sunny summer days that turn into warm long summer evenings make this season the perfect time to throw a great party.

If you are planning a summer party at home in the next couple of months, we’ve put together a few top tips for entertaining in style:

1. Use florals

The best way to lift the setting of any party is to add a floral arrangement. For an informal bbq or picnic, a vase of sunflowers adds a rustic chic touch, while setting blossoming peonies down the centre of your dining table instantly adds sophistication and glamour to your summer dinner party.

A mason jar of lavender or some other smaller blooms adds a little something to the setting – even if it’s just in amongst the food on a picnic blanket. Be sure to add florals whenever you entertain.

2. Stick to a simple summer menu

A simple menu is essential for no-drama entertaining, and in the summer months this couldn’t be easier. With fresh salads, seasonal grilled vegetables, quiches and main dishes that can be prepared in advance, summer entertaining won’t leave you slaving away over a hot stove. Choose simple crowd pleasers like grilled salmon, a chicken salad, tabbouleh, etc. as great options that can be prepared in advance and don’t need to be eaten hot.

3. Choose one signature cocktail

Following along the simple menu route, rather than buying the bar when you’re entertaining, try serving up one signature cocktail – such as Pimms for a BBQ or a sparkling prosecco cocktail for an evening dinner party. It’s always good to have some bottles of wine and beer on hand in case someone doesn’t like the cocktail, but rather than buying up the spirits bar, stick to a signature cocktail instead.

4. Don’t forget lighting

Ambient lighting is essential for outdoor evening entertaining. Candles, tea lights, even things like hanging fairy lights make the evening seem that much more special. Add a bit of drama to your dinner party by adding a few lanterns to add some ambience.

5. Get the playlist right

Music makes any get together that much more festive. It’s as easy as finding a Spotify playlist that you can set and forget. During day events go for something lively and upbeat – when the lights go down, we love jazzy global chill out vibes such as Hotel Costes or Stephane Poumpagnac to set the tone for a chic summer soiree.

For more ideas, or if you need help with any of your party or corporate event needs, contact us for a free consultation.

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