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Team Building. What Fun!


‘Team building’…there are two words that strike fear into the hearts of many employees. While some jump at the opportunity to try something new (and potentially have a day away from the office) others run for the hills and find any excuse possible to avoid these sort of events. I think many of us…(Read More)

Top tips for organising a great conference

Conferences are a popular form of communication for most businesses, charities and associations. Not only do they spread knowledge, they reinforce a businesses’s brand, forge connections with participants and encourage innovation. Following the massive success of the conference we organised for the British Society of Paediatric Dentists this past May, we have put together…(Read More)

Events are one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty and trust. For any small business, events are an essential tool for interacting with clients, employees and / or clients on a face-to-face level. While so much of business these days is conducted online, it is important for businesses to build a…(Read More)

why hire an events company?

Often when explaining my job, people find it hard to understand exactly what I do and where Designated Events can add value. So here is my blogging “elevator pitch”. REASON 1: As a first step, let me say that at times you shouldn’t bother using an event company. If you love organising and have…(Read More)