Top tips for organising a great conference

Top Tips for Organising a Great Conference


Conferences are a popular form of communication for most businesses, charities and associations. Not only do they spread knowledge, they reinforce a businesses’s brand, forge connections with participants and encourage innovation. Following the massive success of the conference we organised for the British Society of Paediatric Dentists this past May, we have put together our top tips for organising a conference that is valuable both to the participants and the host:

1. Make time for networking

One of the most important reasons delegates and speakers attend a conference is to network. A successful conference not only provides opportunities for learning, but also facilitates networking opportunities. It is essential to allocate enough time for breakout sessions, and coffee breaks in between presentations.

2. Choose great speakers

The speakers you choose will set the tone for your conference. Ensure there is range of diversity in terms of experience and expertise within the topic you are discussing.

3. Implement efficient communication

Make sure to keep in touch with your delegates and speakers. Make sure they get all the necessary information such as venue, access, schedule, programme, etc. Also, be sure to cultivate excitement running up to the event by using social media to promote your conference and send updates to delegates.

Communication is critical on the day of the event as well – make announcements to make sure everyone knows what is going on, and make sure there are signs that show where all the main function rooms are. Have volunteers on hand to help if anyone has any questions.

4. Facilitate post-event conversations

Conferences are so valuable because the provide a chance for learning, discussion, networking and innovation – but this doesn’t have to end after the event is over. Use apps like Dropbox to create links to presentations for delegates to access, and send through an email list of the participants (with consent) to everyone who attended to encourage further discussion and connection.

Conferences are such a powerful tool for your business when organised right – we know what it takes to ensure delegates, speakers and your business get the most out of the experience. Contact us for a free consultation to help you get your conference off the ground